Considering success of information system development (ISD) projects a matter of perspective, stakeholder satisfaction is often seen as an important success criterion. When evaluating satisfaction, expectations are essential – in case of ISD projects expectations concerning both process and product. While previous research focuses on the management of expectations concerning the product, lack of research exists concerning the process of ISD projects. To close this gap, we explore the approaches that can be applied to manage expectations and guide customer satisfaction with the process in ISD projects. By means of qualitative expert interviews, we focus on both types of situations – those in which the experts were successful and less successful in managing customer expectations concerning the ISD process. Our results from twelve interviews yield both concrete customer expectations (e.g., being involved by the contractor) and approaches to manage those expectations (e.g., creating transparency). Researchers can use our results to further investigate concrete expectations and expectations management approaches. Practitioners are provided with means to manage customer expectations, thus increasing customer satisfaction and the likelihood of project success.