Close collaboration and harmony between IT and business are crucial to succeeding with efficient and effective digitalization. This is encapsulated in the concept of Business-IT alignment (BITA). Much has been written in the research literature regarding what BITA entails, how to assess BITA, and how to improve BITA. However, none of these frameworks or theories provide a practical framework that treats BITA as a multi-leveled, co-evolving process between business and IT. The purpose of this paper is thus to provide a Multi-Level BITA framework, for assessing BITA on multiple-organizational levels. The framework is constructed based on an analysis of the existing BITA frameworks and is applied to an empirical case, to evaluate its applicability to practice. The analysis shows how the BITA maturity in the case company varies and decreases along with the organizational levels and how it is assessed higher by IT than by business. An in-depth reasoning behind the BITA maturity scores is provided by in-depth interviews. The Multi-Level BITA framework thus demonstrates its applicability in assessing and visualizing BITA maturity on multiple organizational levels and identifying the underlying causes for the assessment.