International Journal of Information Systems and Project Management

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Despite the positive influence of risk management in Information Technology (IT) project results, many project managers are not managing risks or are managing them partially. To enhance risk management, collaborative project management has gained attention in recent years with the introduction of Web 2.0 tools. Project managers have used such tools to facilitate open communication and distribution of activities. This research introduces a prescriptive framework (W4RM – Wiki for Risk Management) based on a wiki to support collaborative risk management in IT projects. An exploratory focus group was set up and a series of interviews with practitioners was conducted to explore how a wiki can support risk management in IT projects. Findings show that project managers are facing difficulties managing risks and are the only ones responsible for identifying, registering and monitoring risks. By implementing a collaborative tool, managers can disseminate a collaboration culture and participate in risk management processes. This sense of collaboration may be used to keep the community identifying new risks, relating these risks to one or more projects, and facilitating continuous risk management. Practitioners can also adopt W4RM as a tool to support communication regarding risks status to be established for internal team stakeholders.



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