Concurrent cooperation and competition is an important characteristic of innovation processes. We illustrate this with reference to a case on new mobile, NFC (Near Field Communications) based services: a systemic service innovation project in Nice, named Cityzi. Cityzi is a local sub-process in the globally dispersed efforts to develop and implement mobile services enabled by the NFC technique that can be used for mobile communication. The project requires cooperation, also between competing actors, to determine technical interfaces as well as development and implementation of business models for production and use of the services in practice. Due to the heterogeneity of resources that need to be combined, actors from different industrial as well as public policy sectors participate in the project. We apply a network perspective for our analysis of cooperation and competition during service innovation processes, specifically focusing on network overlapping processes. A dynamic conceptual model is suggested to capture the complexities of implementing largescale ICT infrastructure projects, when going from trial to commercialization.