Over the past few years, digital and mobile commerce has been expanding at an unprecedented rate, becoming an indispensable aspect of global retail markets. The growth of online marketplaces has been further accelerated by the rapid development of digital and mobile technologies empowered by innovations, such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, social media, data analytics, and metaverse. These latest advancements facilitate various business transactions and activities, such as search processes (e.g., voice-driven search, metaverse-enabled communications), marketing (e.g., promotion and advertisement, pricing, and reward points), payments (e.g., card-less transactions, crypto payment gateways), consumer interactions (e.g., chatbots, live-commerce), and supply chain management (e.g., online-offline coordination, demand forecasting, inventory management), and order fulfillment (e.g., shipping logistics). Digital and mobile artifacts have also enabled various customer activities at all touchpoints of the buying journey, such as purchase recommendation, content creation, and negotiation. This track seeks papers that enhance our understanding of the design, implementation, and evaluation of emerging digital and mobile technologies in various online, offline, and omni-channel contexts, including business-to-business and business-to-consumer commerce, location-driven advertising and targeting, omni-channel commerce and marketing, and live-commerce.

Digital and mobile technologies evolve not merely to enhance the facilitation of buyer and seller transactions, but also to transform the nature and operational boundaries of a firm and thereby make its pursuit of new business opportunities possible. For example, mobile devices are changing many aspects of marketing/service operations and product/service development and management as well as bringing together new business models and mechanisms for companies. With the emergence of big data that can be used to inform business decisions, the global penetration of AI and digital transformation and the increasing adoption of mobile devices and technologies by consumers and businesses alike, opportunities to study the organizational aspects of digital and mobile businesses continue to expand. This expansion calls for the establishment of relevant empirical and theoretical research on the managerial and commercial opportunities and challenges born of the advent of digital and mobile technologies and the innovation of new business models, processes, products, and services supported by an increasing integration of these innovations.

Track Co-Chairs;
Rodrigo Belo, Ph.D., Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)
Wonseok Oh, Ph.D., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Ramesh Venkataraman, Ph.D., Indiana University


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Monday, December 12th
12:00 AM

Achieving Omnichannel Implementation: A Resource Orchestration Analysis

Ton Nu Huong Giang Hoang, National University of Singapore
Calvin Chan, Singapore University of Social Sciences
Hock-Hai Teo, National University of Singapore

12:00 AM

Brake or Step On the Gas? Empirical Analyses of Credit Effects on Individual Consumption

Jiayan Han, Fudan University
Yingjie Zhang, Peking University
Tian Lu, Carnegie Mellon University
Yiheng Sun, Tencent Weixin Group
Wen Huang, Tencent Weixin Group

12:00 AM

Digital Rule of Thumb: A Natural Experiment on Autocomplete in Search Engines

Kitae Kim, KAIST College of Business
Dongwon Lee, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Sunghyuk Park, KAIST College of Business
Jaeung Sim, KAIST

12:00 AM

Explore How Factors that Contribute to Online Review Helpfulness in Automotive Marketing

Cong Cao, Zhejiang University of Technology
Haipeng Yang, Zhejiang University of Technology

12:00 AM

Gamified Live-streaming: Is Avatar Better than Human Being?

Yahui Liu, Donghua University
Lei Wang, Penn State University
Shuai Yang, Donghua University
Yanwen Wang, University of British Columbia

12:00 AM

“I Will Follow You!” – How Recommendation Modality Impacts Processing Fluency and Purchase Intention

Melanie Schwede, University of Goettingen
Naim Zierau, University of St. Gallen
Andreas Janson, Institute of Information Management
Maik Hammerschmidt, University of Goettingen
Jan Marco Leimeister, University of St. Gallen

12:00 AM

Learning Faces to Predict Matching Probability in an Online Matching Platform

Soonjae Kwon, KAIST
Sunghyuk Park, KAIST College of Business
Gene Moo Lee, University of British Columbia
Dongwon Lee, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

12:00 AM

Reconsidering consumer need for touch: Latent class analysis and purchase experience in a 360-virtual store

Heli Hallikainen, University of Eastern Finland
Nino Ruusunen, University of Eastern Finland
Tommi Laukkanen, Business School

12:00 AM

Retargeting Ads for Shopping Cart Recovery: Online Field Experiments

Takeshi Moriguchi, Waseda University
Guiyang Xiong, Syracuse University
Xueming Luo, Temple University

12:00 AM

Short-Video Marketing in E-commerce: Analyzing and Predicting Consumer Response

Yutong Guo, National University of Singapore
Chao Ban, Alibaba Group
Xiao Liu, Alibaba Group
Khim Yong Goh, National University of Singapore
Xixian Peng, Zhejiang University
Jiang Yang, Alibaba Group
Xiaobo Li, Alibaba Group

12:00 AM

The Magic of Lottery: Investigating the PAYW in Live Streaming from Opportunism and Impulsiveness

Qingyuan LIN, City University of Hong Kong
Angela Lu, City University of Hong Kong

12:00 AM

The Sales Impact of Storytelling in Live Streaming E-Commerce

Yunhui Wang, City University of Hong Kong
Liu Junming, City University of Hong Kong
Yulin Fang, The University of Hong Kong

12:00 AM

What Influences Influencers? Hiding Popularity Signals and Influencer Behavior

Hyunji So, McGill University
Jui Ramaprasad, University of Maryland
Angela Choi, Sungkyunkwan University

12:00 AM

What Should Streamers Communicate in Livestream E-Commerce? The Effects of Social Interactions on Live Streaming Performance

Danyang Song, Zhejiang University
Xi Chen, Zhejiang University
Zhiling Guo, Singapore Management University
Xiao Liu, Alibaba Group
Ruijin Jin, Alibaba Group

12:00 AM