Track Description

Topics related to the sharing economy, platforms and crowds are not only among the most widely researched areas studied by IS scholars, but also have deep economic and social implications. This track invites cutting-edge and novel research that addresses issues relating to these topics.

The sharing economy leverages platforms and other infrastructures to allow individuals to exchange underutilized resources/assets for monetary gains at very low transaction costs. Some widely known user-owned asset platforms include Airbnb, Uber, Didi, and Grab. Some other platforms, for example, facilitate sharing and renting of company-owned assets such as CitiBike, Ofo, Bird, and Lime.

Multi-sided platforms, which connect varied actors throughout the world for little marginal cost, facilitate transactions and interactions in a variety of contexts: transportation, housing and hospitality, education, dating, digital commerce, and product review sites. These platforms have revolutionized industries, for better and for worse, with both promising and discouraging economic and societal impacts.

Crowd-based models of content production, innovation, funding among others leverage the capability of digital platforms and infrastructures to connect distributed and heterogeneous individuals and organizations for a variety of economic, social, and societal purposes.

Track Chairs:
Jan Ondrus, ESSEC Business School
Sunil Wattal, Temple University
Chuan-Hoo Tan, National University of Singapore
Zhiling Guo, Singapore Management University


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Sunday, December 12th

App Privacy on App Platforms: Developer Side Trade-offs, Monetization Strategies and Third-Party Services

Shagun Tripathi, IESE Business School
Harris Kyriakou, IESE Business School

Collecting Useful Information from Crowds: Is Experience Required?

Shawn Ogunseye, Bentley University
Jeffrey Parsons, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Contracting Decisions on Digital Markets for Knowledge Work Services: A Qualitative Systematic Review

Julian Prester, UNSW Business School
Gerit Wagner, HEC Montréal

Credibility, Novelty and Helpfulness in Online Reviews

Dicle Yagmur Ozdemir, University of Texas at Dallas
Harpreet Singh, University of Texas at Dallas
Sumit Sarkar, University of Texas at Dallas

Curbing or Conniving Counterfeits: Strategic Analysis of Blockchain Adoption Decisions in Online Platforms

Lihong Cheng, University of Science and Technology of China
Xin Zhang, City university of Hong Kong

Economics of Advertising Misattribution on E-commerce Platforms

Zizheng Liu, Tsinghua University
Subodha Kumar, Temple University
Dengpan Liu, Tsinghua

Ecosystem Bundling Promotion and Consumers’ Product Evaluation: Evidence from Amazon Devices

YUTING GAO, National University of Singapore
Kai Luo, National University of Singapore
Hock-Hai Teo, National University of Singapore

Emotional Intensity and User Engagement on Community-Based Question Answering Platforms

Bingjie Qian, Harbin Institute of Technology
Tat Koon Koh, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Fake Reviews with “Verified-Purchase” and Commission Fee: Embellishment vs. Sniping

Cungen Zhu, The National University Of Singapore

Fleet Redeployment in Ride-Sharing Economy: An Information Design Approach

Andrew B. Whinston, University of Texas at Austin
Yingda Zhai, National University of Singapore

Individual Sellers’ Social Media Participation and Sales Activities in Social Marketplaces: Evidence from a Natural Experiment

Siliang Tong, Nanyang Technological University
Yingjie Zhang, University of Texas at Dallas
Gordon Burtch, University of Minnesota
Zhijie Lin, Tsinghua University

Investor Attention and Crowdfunding Performance

Lin Hu, Australian National University
Kun Li, Australian National University
Zhenhua Wu, Nanjing University
Bin Gu, Boston University

Making Charity Crowdfunding Work: An Empirical Study of Project Promotion for Improving Donor Contributions

Seung Jong Lee, Kyung Hee University
Kyung Pyo Kang, Kyung Hee University
Junghee Lee, Tulane University
Vish Krishnan, University of California at San Diego
Jae Hong Park, Kyung Hee University

Making the Crowd Wiser: (Re)combination through Teaming in Crowdsourcing

Junjie Zhou, School of Computing, National University of Singapore
Jungpil Hahn, National University of Singapore

Obscure Oversight: Opacity Drives Sensemaking and Resistance Behavior in Algorithmic Management

Michael Pregenzer, University of Innsbruck
Florian Wieser, Leopold-Franzens Universität
Renata Santiago Walser, University of Innsbruck
Ulrich Remus, University of Innsbruck

Organizational learning in multisided digital platforms: A multi-method simulation study

Gorkem Turgut Ozer, University of New Hampshire
Edward Anderson, University of Texas at Austin
Patrick Figge, University of Passau

Racial Bias During “Black Lives Matter”: How Social Movement Reshapes Airbnb Host Performance

Tong Xu, City University of Hong Kong
Angela Lu, City University of Hong Kong
Abhay Mishra, Information Systems and Business Analytics
Linqi Song, City University of Hong Kong
Zengyan Liu, City University of Hong Kong

Raid the Chat Room: The Effects of Group Size on User Engagement in Online Synchronized Communication

Keran Zhao, University of Illinois at Chicago
Yili Hong, University of Houston
Tengteng Ma, University of Illinois at Chicago
Yingda Lu, University of Illinois at Chicago
Yuheng Hu, University of Illinois at Chicago

Sharing Algorithmic Management Information in the Sharing Economy – Effects on Workers’ Intention to Stay with the Organization

Vincent Göttel, Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, Faculty of Business Administration and Economics

Taming Complexity in Business Ecosystems: Investigating the Role of Platforms

Marius Schmid, University of St. Gallen
Kazem Haki, University of St.Gallen
Hüseyin Tanriverdi, The University of Texas at Austin
Stephan Aier, University of St. Gallen

Trust Me, I’m Confident – Are Confident Members of the Crowd Better at Evaluating Business Model Ideas?

Florian Laux, Paderborn University
Thomas Görzen, Paderborn University

Who’s the Boss? Measuring Gig-Workers’ Perceived Algorithmic Autonomy-Support

Nura Jabagi, John Molson School of Business, Concordia University
Anne-Marie Croteau, Concordia University
Luc K. Audebrand, FSA
Josianne Marsan, Université Laval