Track Description
The General IS Topics track is intended for high-quality papers on topics that do not have a specific fit with other tracks or have a very comprehensive, cross-thematic scope. The track aims to attract unique and novel papers and give an additional degree of freedom to the conference’s specific tracks, from an epistemological, ontological as well as methodological standpoint. Please check the fit of your paper with other tracks’ topics before submitting your paper to this track. The General IS Topics track furthermore provides the chairs of other tracks the opportunity to submit their manuscripts.

Track Chairs:
Tilo Böhmann, Universität Hamburg,
Bin Gu, Boston University,
Kai-Lung Hui, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,
Likoebe Maruping, Georgia State University,


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Sunday, December 12th

An Exploration of Governing via IT in Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

Tobias Mini, University of Passau
Eleunthia Wong Ellinger, Universitat Ramon Llull, La Salle Barcelona Campus
Robert W. Gregory, University of Virginia
Thomas Widjaja, University of Passau

COVID-19 Related Information via Social Network Shapes Preventative Behavior


Data democratization: toward a deeper understanding

Hippolyte Lefebvre, University of Lausanne
Christine Legner, University of Lausanne
Martin Fadler, University of Lausanne

How Digital Innovation Labs Use Knowledge: Access Strategies and Recombination Paths

Axel Hund, University of Bamberg
Daniel Beimborn, University of Bamberg
Heinz-Theo Wagner, Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences
Sven Legl, University of Bamberg
Friedrich Holotiuk, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Levels of Digital Representation: Semiotics and the Articulation of Meaning

Leona Chandra-Kruse, University of Liechtenstein
Stefan Seidel, IWI
Alexander Maedche, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Pick The Odd-Ones Out! Conferring Legitimacy Of Initial Coin Offerings By Distinction

Muhammad Nauman Shahid, National University of Singapore
Jungpil Hahn, National University of Singapore

Solve for Blockchain: Toward A Framework for Navigating Blockchain Tensions

Nadine Kathrin Ostern, Chair for Digitization and Process Management
Guido Perscheid, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

The Economics of 5G and the Mobile Economy

Chenshuo Sun, New York University
Anindya Ghose, New York University

The Effect of Customer Showrooming on Return Policy and Product Assortment for Multichannel Retailers

Ping Tang, University of Texas at Dallas
Amit Mehra, University of Texas at Dallas
Prasenjit Mandal, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta

The Illusion of Certainty and Data-Driven Decision Making in Emergent Situations

Nicholas Berente, University of Notre Dame
John P. Lalor, University of Notre Dame
Sriram Somanchi, University of Notre Dame
Ahmed Abbasi, University of Notre Dame

To Discount or Not to Discount: A Game-Theoretic Analysis of the Pricing and Survival Dilemma in Luxury E-commerce

Yingxin Zhang, Dalian University of Technology
Shubham Gupta, Temple University
Subodha Kumar, Fox School
Xiangpei Hu, Dalian University of Technology

Transformational Dynamics – Systemizing the Co-Evolution of Organizational Forms and Information Systems

Max Schumm, University of Kassel
André Hanelt, University of Kassel

Unraveling E-Sports Team Tactical Recipes: A Configurational Perspective

Jiantao Zhu, University of Science and Technology of China
Chenyang Xue, University of Nottingham Ningbo China
Quanchen Liu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Chee-Wee Tan, Copenhagen Business School

Unraveling Privacy Concerns in Complex Data Ecosystems with Architectural Thinking

Fabian Burmeister, University of Hamburg
Christian Kurtz, University of Hamburg
Pascal Vogel, University of Hamburg
Paul Drews, Leuphana University of Lüneburg
Ingrid Schirmer, University of Hamburg

Visual Merchandising and Selling Orientations in E-commerce Live Streaming: Evidence from Taobao Live

Yutong Guo, National University of Singapore
Khim Yong Goh, National University of Singapore
Ying Zhang, University of Auckland
Xiao Liu, Alibaba Group
Bo Gao, Alibaba Group