Practitioner Track

Track Description
The information systems discipline seeks to create and share academically rigorous and practically relevant knowledge to professionals in the IT industry in supporting their efforts to deliver impactful technology solutions to organizations. The IT industry track at ICIS 2020 aims to bridge the research-practice gap drawing the attention of researchers to industry relevant challenges and that of practitioners to actionable research findings.

The IT Industry Track is unique to ICIS 2020 to be held at Hyderabad, a reflection of the prominence that India as a country has achieved in the world’s IT industry. India’s success as a global software exporter has often been attributed to the industry’s visionary leadership; readily available capable human resources; the design of the outsourcing, offshoring, global delivery model; and more recently, the shift from the pure services models to lean and agile product-centric digital-focused business models.

Track Chairs
Sunil Mithas
Priya Seetharaman


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Monday, December 14th

Enabling Aging-in-Place: Lessons Learnt from Piloting an Elderly Care Provisioning Solution in the Community

Ramesh Balaji, Tata Consultancy Services
Michelle Yah Ting Gwee, Singapore Management University
Srinivasa Raghavan Venkatachari, Tata Consultancy Services
Arun Vijayakumar, Tata Consultancy Services

Process portfolio management for enhanced digital readiness: Insights from a large Australian bank

John C. Merideth, Queensland University of Technology
Wasana Bandara, Queensland University of Technology
Dan O’Neill, OpExtion Pty Ltd

Talent Scarcity, Skill Distance and Reskilling Resistance in Emerging Digital Technologies - Understanding Employee Behaviour

Sudatta Kar, Altran Technologies
Arpan Kumar Kar, IIT Delhi
M.P. Gupta, IIT Delhi

Towards Natural Language Processing: An Accounting Case Study

Joerg Hans Mayer, Chair of Accounting, Controlling, and Auditing
Oliver Stritzel, Chair of Accounting, Controlling, and Auditing
Markus Esswein, University of Duisburg-Essen
Reiner Quick, Darmstadt University of Technology

Value-Mapping of E-Commerce Business Models

Sanchita Kuchi, Indian Institute of Management Raipur
Sumeet Gupta, Indian Institute of Management, Raipur