Digital Learning Environment and Future IS Curriculum

Track Description
IS education and curricula have evolved over time as new technologies and processes (e.g., learning management systems, flipped classrooms, hybrid/blended classes, and more) have changed the way we teach. Today, emerging technologies and trends open up even more pedagogical opportunities in modern digital learning environments. Current topics such as analytics, cloud computing, mobility, AI, and IoT offer the opportunity to not only change what we teach, but how we teach. The success of our field is heavily dependent on success in our classroom, as it is largely through education our relevance and scientific discoveries find their ways into organizations through our students and graduates. Therefore, it is imperative we meet the challenge to explore, understand, and improve digital learning environments and the future of IS curriculum and education. The Digital Learning Environments and Future IS Curricula track is intended for high‐quality papers related to information systems education, digital learning environments, and curricula.

Track Chairs
Pedro Ferreira, Carnegie Mellon University,
Bernard Tan, National University of Singapore,
Heikki Topi, Bentley University,

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Monday, December 14th

A Real “Killer” Application? Organization-System Misfits of the Danish Health Platform

Till J. Winkler, Copenhagen Business School
Simon Krogh, Copenhagen Business School
Ursula Plesner, Copenhagen Business School
Lise Justesen, Copenhagen Business School
Tina Jensen, Copenhagen Business School

Aiming for Resemiotisation – Meanings Making and Co-Creation of Value Around an IT Course

Fanny Vainionpää, University of Oulu
Netta Iivari, University of Oulu
Marianne Kinnula, University of Oulu
Heidi Hartikainen, University of Central Florida

Building ‘holistic’ Business process modelling skills for IS graduates

Wasana Bandara, Queensland University of Technology
Mythreyi Velmurugan, Queensland University of Technology
Sander J.J. Leemans, Queensland University of Technology

Business Technology Management as Transdisciplinary IS-IT Competency Framework

Stéphane Gagnon, Université du Québec en Outaouais

Design Challenge Levels in E-Learning? Insights from a Large-Scale Field Experiment

Andy Tao LI, Tsinghua University
De Liu, University of Minnesota
Sean Xin Xu, Tsinghua University

Does Who Am I as a Teacher Matter? Exploring Determinants of Teachers’ Learning Management System Adoption in Education Style

Johana Kimmerl, Goethe University

Fostering Interaction in Higher Education with Deliberate Design of Interactive Learning Videos

Tim Weinert, University of Kassel
Marian Thiel de Gafenco, Business Didactics
Matthias Simon Billert, University of Kassel
Niklas Boerner, University of Kassel

Let's Team Up: Designing Conversational Agents as Teammates

Edona Elshan, Institute of Information Management
Philipp Ebel, University of St. Gallen

Leveraging Social Norms to Encourage Online Learning: Empirical Evidence from a Blended Learning Course

Sebastian A. Günther, Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg
Tobias Veihelmann, Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg
Thorsten Staake, Otto-Friedrich Universität

The Role of Motivation and Strategy Use in Predicting Students’ Performance in a Blended Learning Environment

Shadi Esnaashari, University of auckland
Lesley A. Gardner, The University of Auckland
Tiru S. Arthanari, University of Auckland
Michael Rehm, University of Auckland
Olga Filippova, University of Auckland

The Transformation of Australia’s First Large Digital Hospital: A Teaching Case

Rebekah Eden, Queensland University of Technology
Andrew Burton-Jones, The University of Queensland
Cameron Ballantine, Metro South Health
Andrew Staib, Metro South Health
Clair Sullivan, Metro North Hospital and Health Service

Turning Lemons into Lemonade: Designing Remote Teaching to Foster a Sense of Online Learning Community through Action Design

Zixiu Guo, UNSW
Carmen LEONG, UNSW Sydney
Yawen Vivian Zhou, UNSW Sydney
BK Lee, UNSW Sydney
Dincy Mini Monson, UNSW Sydney