Blockchain, DLT and Fintech

Track Description
Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) and the conspicuous blockchain, best known as the backbone technology behind Bitcoin, are technologies that are currently disrupting multiple industries and in particular the financial sector. In general, blockchain and DLT have the potential to make data processing more efficient, secure, transparent, and democratic. So far, the technology has been applied mostly in streamlining value chains, developing data registries, and forging cryptocurrencies. Although its full impact is yet to be unleashed, the exponential growth in the number and prominence of blockchain and DLT enabled applications in multiple sectors provide ample opportunities for IS research. Similarly, and highly intertwined with DLT, Fintech has disrupted the financial sector with algorithmic trading, high-frequency trading, digital securities, smart money, peer-to-peer lending, new models of cross-boundary payment systems, and digital anti-money laundering monitoring, for example. Yet, further research is needed to better understand the effect of these services on business and society.

In this track, we adopt a view that information systems are socio-technical phenomena that are created by shaping social, physical, semiotic and technological environments via intentional IT-oriented design. The conference theme calls for a broader and inclusive view of IS scholarship that aspires to foster environmental, economic and social value and to suggest ways of using information technology for providing leverage and fulfilling human needs. Papers can apply any perspective (behavioral, economics, organizational, design, computational), consistent theoretical frame, methodology, or unit of analysis. Both theoretical essays and empirical studies are welcome. Innovative approaches to the study of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, distributed business models and Fintech related phenomena are particularly desirable.

Track Chairs
Michel Avital, Copenhagen Business School,
Hailiang Chen, University of Hong Kong,
Rong Zheng, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,

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Monday, December 14th

Can Self-Donation Improve the Project Performance? The Impacts of Self-Donation in Charitable Crowdfunding

Zhao Du, Beijing Sport University
Kanliang Wang, Renmin University of China
Meng Xiang Li, Hong Kong Baptist University

CHASM: A Blockchain Design Pattern

Arijit Sengupta, Florida International University
Hemang Subramanian, Florida International University

Combining Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence – Literature Review and State of the Art

Erik Karger, University Duisburg-Essen

Determining the Idiosyncrasy of Blockchain: An Affordances Perspective

Nadine Kathrin Ostern, Management Department
Michael Rosemann, Queensland University of Technology
Jürgen Moormann, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Exploring Decentralized Autonomous Organizations: Towards Shared Interests and ‘Code is Constitution’

Rafael Ziolkowski, University of Zurich
Gianluca Miscione, University College Dublin
Gerhard Schwabe, University of Zurich

GANStick: US Stock Forecasting with GAN-Generated Candlesticks

Man Hing Wong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Lik Hang LEE, University of Oulu
Pan Hui, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Growing Entrepreneurship with Crypto Tokens

Wei Chen, University of Arizona
Weifeng Li, University of Georgia
Karen Xie, University of Denver

How Blockchain Can Bring Trust and Transparency to the Payment of Crowd Forecasters

Arthur Carvalho, Miami University
Majid Karimi, California State University San Marcos

Platform Ecosystems, Fintech, and Data

Zhou Zhou, Boston University
Zhouxiang Shen, Boston University

Security Token Offerings: A Risk as Feelings Theoretic Perspective on Investment

Jens Mattke, University of Bamberg
Christian Maier, University of Bamberg
Lea Reis, University of Bamberg

Settlement with Distributed Ledger Technology

Johannes Rude Jensen, Department of Computersceince
Omri Ross, Copenhagen University

The Differential Role of Alternative Data in SME-Focused Fintech Lending

Weifei Zou, Temple University
Anthony Vance, Temple University
Detmar W Straub, Temple University
Jie (Kevin) Yan, Dalton State College

Tracing Back the Value Stream with Colored Coins

Norman Pytel, University of Wuerzburg
Adrian Hofmann, University of Würzburg
Axel Winkelmann, University of Würzburg

Using Blockchain to Sustainably Manage Containers in International Shipping

Roman Beck, IT University
Mikkel Boding Kildetoft, IT University
Nebojsa Radonic, IT University