Track Description

Information Systems addresses questions and issues unique among the academic disciplines. The changing nature of technology, and concordant transformation of the social and organizational landscape means we continuously need both new tools, techniques, approaches, thinking and theories and to adapt existing ones to our particular situation. Our field therefore needs to discuss and debate these while simultaneously re-evaluating the moral and philosophical underpinnings of our discipline.

It is common for academic fields to “take stock” of their research traditions – ICIS represents one venue for performing this “stock taking.” This track is the forum for conducting challenging debates. We invite submissions that address underlying questions of theory and theorizing, methodology, and philosophy within IS research. Specifically, we are interested in papers that, either through argumentation or through methodological rigor, push the envelope in terms of what is known and acceptable within the IS community.

Track Chairs
Cecil Chua
Jonny Holmstrom
Suzanne Rivard

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A Comment on GMM Estimation in IS Research

Ningning Cheng, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Youngsok Bang, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Beyond Convergence: Rethinking Pluralism in IS Research

Matthew Jones, University of Cambridge

Developing Critical Realist Process Theory via Explaining Generative Mechanisms

Yunfei Shi, The University of New South Wales

DISKNET – A Platform for the Systematic Accumulation of Knowledge in IS Research

David Dann, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Alexander Maedche, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Timm Teubner, TU Berlin
Benjamin Mueller, University of Lausanne
Christian Meske, Freie Universität Berlin
Burkhardt Funk, Leuphana University

Extensive Theory Testing Using Case Study

Ignatius Chukwudi, Queensland University of Technology
Meng Zhang, Queensland University of Technology
Guy Gable, Queenland University of Technology

Filtering Survey Responses from Crowdsourcing Platforms: Current Heuristics and Alternative Approaches

Lennard Schmidt, HHL - Leipzig Graduate School of Management
Florian Dost, University of Manchester
Erik Maier, HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

Grounded Theory in Information Systems Research – from Themes in IS Discourse to Possible Developments

Göran Goldkuhl, Linköping University
Stefan Cronholm, School of Business and IT

How and Why ‘Theory’ Is Often Misunderstood in Information Systems Literature

Mikko Siponen, University of Jyväskylä
Tuula Klaavuniemi, Southern Savonia Central Hospital

Implications for Futures: The Missing Section in Sustainable Information Systems Research

João Barata, University of Coimbra
Paulo Rupino da Cunha, University of Coimbra
António Dias de Figueiredo, University of Coimbra

Open Resource-Based View (ORBV): A Theory of Resource Openness

Detlef Schoder, University of Cologne
Daniel Schlagwein, The University of Sydney
Kai Fischbach, University of Bamberg

Where are we headed in business analytics? A framework based on a paradigmatic analysis of the history of analytics

Nik Rushdi Hassan, University of Minnesota Duluth

Wither Interpretivism? Re-interpreting interpretation to fit a world of ubiquitous ICT

Kai Riemer, Sydney University
Robert B. Johnston, The University of Sydney Business School