ICIS 2009 marks the 30th anniversary of the 1st ICIS Doctoral Consortium held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There were 19 student participants at that doctoral consortium, and 9 faculty – all full of anticipation, excitement, and some apprehension: where would the IS field lead them? Or where could they lead it? What did the future hold? What were the visions of the future for the IS field? This panel re-examines yesterday’s tomorrow’s and re-visions what they had seen 30 years ago to see what we can learn today for the next 30 years for the future of the IS field and IS research. This panel seeks to give a sense of history and of past visions, while devoting a large part of the panel time and discussion to generating insights for the future of the IS field. The panel is co-chaired by three of the student participants of the 1st ICIS 1980 Doctoral Consortium (Ariav, Dos Santos, and El Sawy). The two key panelists/speakers, Peter G.W. Keen and Michael Ginzberg were at the 1st ICIS as plenary speakers and doctoral consortium faculty.