Traditionally, studies with the technology acceptance model (TAM) have treated software systems as holistic units. A survey is conducted to understand the model better by dropping from system-wide measurement to function-based measurement. The first part of the survey replicates Gefen and Straub’s (2000) study where only intention is measured at the function level, with consistent results. System-wide perceived ease of use (PEOU) has more effect on an intrinsic task (intention to search for books) than on an extrinsic task (intention to purchase books). In the second part of the survey, all factors are measured at the function level. The result shows that the function-level models are more predictive than the system-wide model. Specifically, each PEOU is a significant predictor for each intention in both models. This study shows the value of using function-based analysis and suggests that function-based analysis is particularly useful and timely for the study of integrated products offering relatively distinct functions.