It is important for individuals to accurately assess their competence in the information systems they use as individuals are increasingly required to self-manage their IT skills, and self-assessment is critical to self- management. This study conceptualizes the accuracy of self-assessment as the overlap between self-assessed and actual user competence. We argue that a wider frame-of-referenceóthat is, greater experience in and understanding of the domains of ITówill increase the overlap between self-assessed and actual user compe- tence. This study provides information to assist organizations in identifying over- or under-estimation of user competence, which can lead to inefficiencies, and has found initial support for the notion that exposing employees to a wider range of information technology experiences will reap benefits through more accurate self-assessments and increased effectiveness in software usage. This effectiveness will be achieved by improving individualsí assessment accuracy and by working to solve the ìBut, I thought I knew thatî problem.