The LEGO Company has one of the most successful Internet sites in the world targeted primarily at children, namely the www.lego.com website. In early 1999 the LEGO Company also launched a website for selling LEGO products over the Internet. This site is called the LEGO World Shop. The emergence of those two sites, from the first idea to the implementation and administration of the sites, are covered in the interactive teaching case described in this paper. The objective is to let the users of the case be submerged into the “LEGO world” by playing the role of a consultant. The consultant has the task of evaluating the current Internet strategy chosen by the LEGO company and advising management about future possibilities regarding electronic commerce. This paper presents the case, describing first the background information, then the case story and learning objectives of the case. This is followed by a presentation of the user interface, enriched with illustrations providing a realistic feeling of the actual case. Finally, an overview of the material available in the interactive case is given.