This paper discusses IT infrastructure development and use in the European fertilizer division of Norsk Hydro. The main element of the infrastructure discussed is a new SAP-based solution for this division. However, this solution is not an isolated artifact. Its important aspects are emerging as it is becoming an integrated part of a larger infrastructure. This infrastructure is designed and controlled by managers and IT personnel, but also an actor shaping its environment as well as its own future. Like any actor, the technology builds alliances with others. However, the alliances might change over time. In the case reported here, SAP was first allied with top management, playing the role as a powerful change agent. Later on, SAP was allied with local managers and users, helping them bringing the change process under their influence and to the speed they preferred. Currently, SAP is changing its role as it is installed and integrated into a larger corporate infrastructure. As such, it becomes everybody’s enemy by resisting all organizational change