Surveys are still not done well. The use of survey questionnaires may be counter-productive if the conclusions drawn from them have not been rigorously established. Trends seen in the Calgary Surveys Query System through 1991 (Munro, Newsted, andHuff1994)showthatlessthan40%ofpublishedsurveysmeetevenminimumstandardsofpsychometricrigor— letalone employ appropriate modeling techniques. Pinsonneault and Kraemer (1993) have reached a similar conclusion. Selected data since 1991 will be presented to show the current level of rigor in surveys. In addition it will be argued by the panelists that surveys do not give us the whole picture or even a rich enough picture to fully understand what is happening in IS within an organization. Further, they may be a completely incorrect way to even seek such knowledge. As a way of integrating all of the panelists’ presentations, a new research area such as electronic volunteerism (which is in need of theoretical development) will be introduced at this point. All panelists will address their remarks to this area.