This session combines a tutorial on electronic commerce with another on the use of the Internet and world wide web to support teaching and learning. The session provides an opportunity to introduce participants to the use of ISWorld Net for purposes of teaching. In particular, it will rely on one of the deeper knowledge structures within ISWorld Net, the electronic commerce course page (url = http'.//www.cox.smu.edu/isworld/ecourse/isw34111.html), and the ECOMMCOURSE discussion list to provide a learning resource center for faculty throughout the world. Together these tools provide an evolving repository of knowledge and a shared community of faculty and advisors. Thus, the tutorial, although focused on the electronic commerce course, should be of interest to any faculty concernedwithensuringthattheyefficientlydesignanddeliverahighqualityeducationalexperiencefortheirstudents. Itwillalso provide an opportunity to reflect on the overarching changes to education that these technologies will engender, in particular, the movement of control to the student and the new openness of all aspects of the education process. The tutorial will consist of the following major sections.