There bas k c n an eiionnous publicity push for the dramatic force of IT as a meam of business transformation as a new and dramatically different pbenoinenon. ?'Lie panel will discuss the results of a six-year analysis of six organizations that, in fact, uansformed themselves. In the process tliey developed an innovative IT design that so dominated their industry that finns either adopted or lost shares. Oue of the transformations occurred between 1956 and 1959, two in the 1 9 6 0 ~and three in clie 1980s. The process typically required five to six years. A common thread of all these organizations is that today thhcy are still leaders in the use of lT and they are extending their competitive edge through IT innovations. Most of Ihe companies are wcll hiowti for their exploits: American Airlines, American Hospital Supply-Baxter Travenol, USAA, atid Frito-Lay. The sleeper and earliest innovafor is the Bank of America. We have recently completed a Federal Express saga.