The era of "One-hour E-commerce" has arrived, which is of positive significance to meet consumers' needs and enhance their shopping experience. This paper constructs a structural model of the factors influencing consumers' willingness to use "Onehour E-commerce" by using a Technology Acceptance Model with two additional factors: subjective norm and perceived risk. The model was validated through 347 valid questionnaires and analysis. The results showed that perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use and subjective norm positively affects consumers' willingness to use "One-hour E-commerce"; perceived ease of use positively affects consumers' perceived usefulness; perceived risk does not negatively affect consumers' willingness to use "One-hour E-commerce". Based on the above findings, the following recommendations are made: accelerate integration improve the ecosystem; optimize the platform to enhance ease of use; improve delivery to strengthen user satisfaction; improve image to enhance customer service efficiency; focus on quality to improve risk awareness.