In live streaming, the Danmu is a crucial technique of interaction, and the reward is the interaction's feedback. The audience receives more input through the reward the more frequently they interact. The effect of the bullet screen in the live broadcast on the audience's reward behavior was investigated by gathering data from the live broadcast room 5720533 on Douyu, a domestic Danmu live-streaming website, from February 14 to February 24, 2021. Based on empirical research, the following conclusions can be drawn: the number of user Danmu, the proportion of fan Danmu, the number of user entry Danmu, and the number of super Danmu will all significantly improve users' reward, while personal experience attenuates the positive impact of the number of user access Danmu and the number of super Danmu on the impact of user reward. The study's findings will offer theoretical justification for the creation of live broadcast platforms, the upkeep of anchors' notoriety, and users' rational consumption.