The year 2021 is being called the first year of the metaverse which has been in the spotlight for more than a year. According to a report published on the website of the Spanish newspaper "The Economist", the metaverse is one of the most important technology trends in 2022. From the listing of Roblox on NASDAQ in the United States as the "first Metaverse stock", to the creation of a " Metaverse city" in Seoul, and then to the "inter-temporal interviews of Metaverse" conducted at the two sessions of the National Assembly in China. The discussion on metaverse has gradually expanded from the interpretation of the concept to the possibilities of related applications, and has shown a trend of diversification in terms of topics and subjects. Although metaverse research has become a popular research field in academic circles at home and abroad for less than a year, with the joint efforts of many scholars in many disciplinary fields at home and abroad, academic research on metaverse has made considerable progress with some innovative research findings. Metaverse is moving from conceptual construction and theoretical exploration to the rapid development stage of practical exploration and industrial application in parallel. From the perspective of the current situation of metaverse research, this paper systematically compares the hot spots of metaverse research at home and abroad, and on this basis, prospectively thinks about and explores the future trend of the integration and development of metaverse and smart cities, in order to provide some theoretical reference and inspiration for the current research of metaverse and smart cities.