In order to solve the financing difficulties of innovative Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) in the financial and economic field, this research proposes a market economy management measure for innovative enterprises, namely the enterprise credit information sharing model based on block chain technology. Firstly, the problems existing in the sharing model based on block chain technology are analyzed, and the basic model framework of block chain is adopted to improve the sharing model. Secondly, according to the improved Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) consensus mechanism, the simulation experiment design of the credit information sharing model of enterprise market economy management measures is carried out. Finally, the improved sharing model proposed in this research is evaluated in terms of fault tolerance and throughput. The results show that the improved market economy management measures based on block chain technology in this research can meet certain fault tolerance rate, and the throughput is relatively stable. To some extent, it can meet the needs of credit information trading and sharing, and solve the difficulties of enterprise information sharing and low efficiency of data exchange.