The widespread popularity and application of artificial intelligence technology requires technological innovation, of which talent training is an important content. The lack of professional talents has greatly restricted the development of the artificial intelligence industry to some extent. How to train industrial design talents with comprehensive qualities of "artificial intelligence design talents" in universities has now become the most important topic. Carry out university teacher training based on the industrial design profession, carry out the "collaborative education" innovation model based on "university-enterprise-government", innovative ability and awareness training curriculum system, and use artificial intelligence talent training goals and curriculum system for the construction and practice of goals. Analyze the current plight of artificial intelligence design talent training in applied general universities, clarify the current types and status quo of artificial intelligence design talents, and propose specific ways to solve the current artificial intelligence design talent training. There are few relevant talents for artificial intelligence design professionals who can combine their ideas and technology in actual production. The lack of design talents has greatly limited the development of their industries to some extent. The current application-oriented undergraduates Colleges and universities should explore specific paths for the training of artificial intelligence design talents, and the construction and practice of related curriculum systems should also be gradually revised during practical exploration, so as to realize innovative education through educational innovation.