The importance of e-business is constantly increasing and it becomes even more essential during the time of COVID-19 outbreak. Although internet vendors are less affected by the pandemic than others, they all have to be careful with their spending during this delicate time. Effective spending on digital marketing undoubtedly can increase customers and profits of the business. The objective of this study is to examine how people look at banner ads displayed on a web page in four different positions (top, bottom, left, and right). The study used an eye-tracking tool, Mirametrix S2 Eye Tracker, to collect eye gaze data from 320 volunteer participants. The collected data were used to calculate (1) banner ads’ time to first fixation, (2) banner ads’ first fixation duration, (3) banner ads’ total fixation duration, and (4) banner ads’ fixation count of each participant. Statistical analyses on the data indicate that the banner ads' positions have a significant impact on banner ads’ time to first fixation. This result can be beneficial to internet vendors in deciding on where to place banner ads to attract the most attention from their potential customers.