Solar power generation has become one of the main sources of power resources, but solar power stations are mostly built in desert areas with large wind and sand, and solar panel arrays need to be cleaned frequently to ensure power generation efficiency. In order to effectively improve the cleaning efficiency of solar panels, reduce the labor intensity, and better meet the requirements of photovoltaic power station for power generation efficiency, based on an existing solar panel cleaning robot, an improved design method is adopted to solve the charging problems, wind overturning problems and transportation difficulties. The innovative design on structure and shape of solar panel cleaning robot products is done, and the 3D model is established by using 3D modeling software. The design ideas and structural principles of several different design schemes are described in detail, which provides reference for the upgrading of solar panel cleaning robot. The role of big data and artificial intelligence in design is analyzed, and that will bring new development direction of intelligent cleaning robot for solar panel. Finally, the work is summarized and the research prospect is put forward.