COVID-19 pandemic has become a worldwide crisis. A lot of known brands have been forced to shut down their physical stores. At the same time, the contact-free economy is rising and cross-border e-commerce sales have increased a lot. Due to closed borders restricting logistics and employees limited to home for quarantine, some negative effects on cross-border ecommerce companies have arisen. Many companies are finding themselves in troubles because, for example, they cannot get the components or/and goods they need. The COVID 19 crisis is a world-changing event, and the pandemic is not yet over. It is impossible to know what will happen in the future, but it is possible to consider the lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic, and on this basis, to think constructively about the future. This is the main research purpose for this study. This study aims at examining lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic on cross-border e-commerce and then providing suggestions from those lessons. The research methodology adopted secondary data analysis and in-depth interviews to acquire the research results. The secondary data was collected from 2 global data and research companies, comprising eMarketer, and Quest Mobile, especially their white papers. Using secondary data may alone may not adequately fit the research purpose; so, primary in-depth interviews were conducted with cross-border e-commerce company leaders in Taiwan. After analyzing the collected data, several lessons from COVID-19 regarding cross-border e-commerce are discussed and then suggestions are presented for facing the “new normal” in this global pandemic period. The lessons included in the discussion are on supply chain, logistics, diversified customers and consumer experience. Suggestions are provided for each of them.

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