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Jiann-Horng Chen, TransCloud Co., Ltd.,

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The new era of the Internet and e-commerce have introduced enormous amount of big data analysis and artificial intelligence to the world, and that bring better user experiences to consumers, and provide suppliers with a more systematic management. Since 2016, traditional e-commerce platforms encountered expansion bottlenecks, new sales approaches were launched, such as utilizing facebook fanpages for marketing and livestream to get more attentions. Companies and virtual personal brands also get exposures from social media Youtube, Instagram and etc., some individuals operate as self-media and called Youtubers, social influencer or key opinion leader economy. This self-media not only have changed how Internet marketing used to be, and subverted the ecology between Internet marketing and e-commerce. Therefore, this study aims to explore how virtual personal brand drives sales performance particularly in real estate agents by applying DeLone & McLean’s Information Systems Success Model to analysis success factors of Myhomes. The research reviews literature, interview platform users, and use study findings to evaluate how information system success model affect virtual personal brand positively, and why virtual personal brand is a significant ingredient for real estate agents to success.