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John R. Hamilton, James Cook University, Australia,

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This point-in-time, management consulting firm (MCF), empirical, global literature-supported quantitative study, engages a small but acceptable dataset. It builds a significant MCF-to-client-firm sustainable business positioning model to assist the client-firm (CF). The model’s total effects highlight where MCF-to-CF improvements can likely produce greatest impact pathways onto CF outcomes. A new Management-Consulting-Theory is presented. Management Consulting Theory enlists current MCF competencies, and uses these to help create a collaborative suite of optimizable MCF-to-CF values and competitive intelligences capabilities. When suitably focused, this engaged system of MCF competencies, and its CF-absorbed MCF-to-CF capabilities enhancements, can jointly influence the enhancement of a CF sustainable business positioning - ideally one that remains adaptive, and also promotes an ongoing CF sustainable (competitive) business positioning.