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Lijun Xu, Nanjing Institute of Technology, Jiangsu, China,

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In pursuit of internationalization and globalization, the multinational corporations have begun to take into account the cultural differences between different regions for their product design and marketing strategy. This paper further clarifies the difference between the Kansei preferences and tendencies of consumers through the discussion on the relationship between products and the Kansei demand of consumers with different cultural backgrounds. In addition, in this paper, the Kansei demand of consumers will be learned through collecting the Kansei images of customers with different cultural backgrounds and learning about the differences of Kansei image affected by different cultural backgrounds and the Kansei factors such as the thoughts and feeling preferences of consumers under the influences of local cultures. Then, the factors affecting the Kansei demands of consumers with different cultural backgrounds are correctly analyzed, which will be helpful for the designers to master these design elements and apply them into product shape and functions, thereby designing the products that meet the consumers’ expectations and improving the additional values of the products.