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Yaqin Dou*, Nanjing Institute of Technology, Nanjing, China,

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B2B supply chain finance is the business innovation of e-commerce enterprises in the field of transforming supply chain finance. E-commerce platform, supply chain enterprises and service providers are important participants in B2B supply chain finance. Four flow coordination, credit enhancement, technology empowerment and win-win situation are the key elements of B2B supply chain finance. In view of the external environmental risks faced by the B2B supply chain finance operation at this stage and the structural risks, fund-side risks, technical risks and risks of collateral generated within the system, we put forward the formulation of external environmental risk early warning and response mechanism, the improvement of relevant legal system design, the scientific design of business processes, the strengthening of platform financial management, the improvement of technical application level and collateral supervision management system and other governance strategies in this paper.