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Hongbin Shen, Chongqing Technology and Business University, Chongqing, China, 857760697@qq. com

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The most common consumption payment problems are time delay, efficiency loss and poor experience caused by Queuing service congestion. This paper claims that a secure and highly efficient online mobile payment protocol is necessary. According to the special requirements of massive payment requests, high elasticity, high concurrency, high risk and instant response in mobile e-commerce, this paper propose an appropriate model for the application requirements of the service pattern for edge computing model-computing is service pattern, and the task model, computing model and service model provided by this pattern are abstracted. Finally, through LoadRunner load testing simulate request as a payment service model. Simulation results show that the construction of e-commerce retail payment network queuing model and mobile security payment protocol can solve the conversation of payment queuing efficiency and reduce waste of resources, and customers can enjoy safety payment experience.