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Xu Zu, Sichuan Agricultural University, Dujiangyan,

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With the development of economic conditions and consumption patterns, snack foods have become the first choice in people's daily diet and consumption, while the market scale is rising, snack foods have also gained high public opinion attention. The existing research results show that the micro-blog interaction effect will positively affect the sales performance, but there are few characterization studies on the effective micro-blog interaction strategy of the snack food enterprises. In this paper, the typical snack food enterprises as an example, mainly through the network crawler to collect micro-blog interactive contents, text analysis, and finally through ANOVA analysis to study the effect of different interaction strategies. The research finds that the strategy of micro-blog interaction of snack food enterprises is better. The characteristic research results of this paper possibly provide reference and enlightenment for the future research of micro-blog interaction strategy of snack food enterprises.