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Xi Yang

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In real life, on the one hand people often lack legal knowledge and legal awareness; on the other hand lawyers are busy, timeconsuming, and expensive. As a result, a series of legal consultation problems cannot be properly handled. Although some legal robots can answer some problems about basic legal knowledge that are matched by keywords, they cannot do similar case retrieval and sentencing prediction according to the criminal facts described in natural language. To overcome the difficulty, we propose a similar case retrieval system based on natural language understanding. The system uses online speech synthesis of IFLYTEK and speech reading and writing technology, integrates natural language semantic processing technology and multiple rounds of question-and-answer dialogue mechanism to realise the legal knowledge question and answer with the memory-based context processing ability, and finally retrieves a case that is most similar to the criminal facts that the user consulted. After trial use, the system has a good level of human-computer interaction and high accuracy of information retrieval, which can largely satisfy people's consulting needs for legal issues.