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Karry Kailin Hsu

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The advent of artificial intelligence has brought many changes in people's lives, and because of the rise of artificial intelligence, the city has gradually become a smart city. Smart City, as defined in Wikipedia, is an urban area that uses different types of electronic data collection sensors to supply information which is used to manage assets and resources efficiently. It is evident that the city cannot function without water, electricity and air. Especially electricity, due to the development of technology and the internet, has been the most important origin of resource in the city. Under such resources, two important groups are generated: the sharing of people and the resources of electricity. People represents the grouping benefits, which made the sharing economy more rationalized and creative because of the internet platforms. As stated in Wikipedia, sharing is to fully utilize resources for more efficient use, so to raise up the overall efficiency of the resources. So as solar energy, a natural resource, has existed on the earth for a long time like the air. These will be the most important components in a smart city. However, with the current Internet technology platform, the artificial intelligence, AI, will be a tool under the system we are already familiar with. Artificial intelligence such as AI uses the knowledge that the machine obtains from the use of input data and information. It’s a way to let machine learn from the data first and then allows the machine to automatically calculate and judge the corresponding results. Such artificial intelligence is applied in the computing system of many industries, it reduces many possible errors, and relatively improves the efficiency of problem solving, and significantly increased the efficiency of obtaining new messages and information to users. Both supervised and unsupervised learning methods will be applied to the case study of this study. How to make the relationship between platform and consumer supervised, let AI artificial intelligence because supervised learning is only given some training samples of the machine, and inform the sample category, allowing AI judge automatically the conclusion of the samples, and accurately pass it to create information on the shared solar business platform. Consumer psychology is also the focus of this research. Investors’ transparency and simplicity in the application of goods, as well as the most important investment rewards and independency of consumers, will also be a discussion focus of this study. In this paper, the smart city of AI artificial intelligence allows the solar energy to create a business-style analysis of the economy, design, finds a platform model to establish Internet sharing, and achieve a large circulation and sharing of demanders and suppliers. This article uses the traditional field of goods, combined with the needs of multiple resources sharing and co-creation, combined to solve the existing information shortage and cross-domain strangeness. Utilizing the case study of solar energy company's discussion method, the smart city solar energy will create a commercial business entity, so that people can participate and identify with such industry, and then find more business models to create and share, and the realization of smart cities as a sharing platform mechanism all people shall be involved.