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Yanling Li

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In order to solve the problem of negotiator's psychological representation in the negotiation system, a negotiation system based on psychological factors was designed. Firstly, a description model based on human psychological factors is established. According to the actual negotiation situation, the influence of the negotiator's psychological factors is added to the model, which makes the outcome of the negotiation model more realistic. Then, the negotiating process of the model is analyzed. The system can conduct a new round of negotiation according to the dynamically determined negotiation strategy and the psychological factors of the other parties in the negotiation process to help the user make the optimal decision and automatically select the appropriate strategy. Finally, the design implements a tourism-oriented e-commerce negotiation system. The system combines the actual needs of the Guilin tourism market and applies the negotiation model designed in the text to the system. Through experiments, the results show that the user satisfaction of using the system is high.

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