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Chih-Lun Wu

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People around the world work every year to improve the requirement standards of various commodities. Product life cycles are getting shorter, replaced by a number of innovative products; thus, in order to adapt to social changes, companies must develop a number of innovative products to attract consumers to buy. In Taiwan, most development occurs in small and medium traditional industries. Women’s underwear is a personal privacy product. As women are gradually being taken more seriously, women’s underwear products are gradually increasing in value, but the women’s underwear and underwear fabric design process is quite complex and time-consuming. To help enterprises improve production performance, this study introduces lean enterprise management, using IE tools for program analysis, which provides time to study the law, and 7S management practices, identifies problems, and proposes ways to improve in order to verify the practices and analysis of results. Research pointed out that introducing lean management for enterprises to improve process performance, so that women’s underwear product processes achieve significant improvement, improved results as follows: Before and after the improvement, GAP reached 23.83%; product production time was reduced; employee take line operation time reduced; quantization benefits of $1,909,425 improved the efficiency to $1,023,225, putting the cost at $106,200; and table bad rate increased the cost by $780,000. These results show that in the present study, lean management practices successfully improved the production performance of the women’s underwear industry included in this study. It is expected that the process improvements can provide a method for the lingerie industry to continuously improve and succeed in raising the performance feedback of employees to increase cohesion so that the company reaps more profits and benefits.