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Tianyuan Hu

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News feeds ads has became one of the mainstream mobile ads. However, there are also a series of problems behind the success of feeds ads: inaccurate recommendations, information security issues, and so on.This paper studies the influencing factors of advertising marketing effect of information flow, and puts forward corresponding suggestions, which has important guiding value for enterprise marketing under the age of big data. This research uses news feeds ads as the object, adopts literature research methods, questionnaire analysis methods, etc. Through combing related documents, we have selected three evaluation indicators: advertising cognition, advertising attitude and advertising sales. In terms of aspects and advertisements, there are seven factors influencing the reliability of the platform, the popularity of the platform, the familiarity of consumer brands, the degree of consumer participation, the degree of consumer rejection of advertisements, advertising creativity and performance, and the targeting of advertisements. Put forward relevant hypotheses and verify the sample data through SPSS to draw relevant con+clusions. The research shows that the reliability of the platform, the sensitivity of consumers to advertising, the familiarity of consumer brands, the degree of consumer participation, and the creative and targeted advertising all have a positive impact on the effectiveness of advertising. Based on the above conclusions, the author is the enterprise information. Streaming ads have made some targeted recommendations.