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Yao-Tang Hsu

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This paper explores the strategic planning for a case company based on BIM transformation. This paper first analyzes the organizational structure and BIM strategy of the current case company, uses IDEF0 to build an existing business process model, and uses Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing (TDABC) to analyze the working time and manpower required under the existing business process; Using the Theory of Constraints (TOC) thinking process model to identify the fundamental factors of problems and bottlenecks in existing business processes, explore how to remove bottlenecks and re-engineer business processes through importing BIM; then propose future IDEF0 business process models; then use TDABC to analyze the working time and manpower required to import BIM business in the future. Through the future mode of operation and the time and manpower that can be streamlined, from the perspective of BIM's impact on the business activities of the case company, and refer to the BIM platform deployment, operation type and how to use BIM to provide services for BIM successful companies to propose a case company BIM platform setting strategy, optimal BIM platform structure, operation type and function items and operation function adjustment suggestions of the case company.