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Yue Guo

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Despite that sharing economy is developing in various industries, more hidden concerns have spread and impeded its way ahead. In many countries, sharing businesses are banned and people are also wandering the participation for sharing their property. One important enlightenment point is whether the ambiguity aversion of the entity is high or low. Because when people participate sharing activities, the side with assets face the risk such as asset being damaged while the side without assets also have risk of safety or bad experience,that is the participants are ambiguity averse. By measuring sharing market participation using the transaction data on sharing platform and ambiguity with the insurance paid for the sharing. Besides, we can also measure ambiguity aversion with custom-designed questions based on Ellsberg urns, using a large representative survey on sharing platform. Our expected results will show that how the change in ambiguity influence the sharing behavior. The results provide hint for the sharing platform to establish effective mechanism to reduce the ambiguity for both sharing sides to motive the sharing participation.

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