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Lifan Yang

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With the quick development of E-commerce development, Cross Border business activity via the Internet which was as the complicated business model now has the new development situation and strategies in China. In this paper, we divided the business process of Cross Border E-commerce into five parts. They are marketing capability part, logistics part, payments part, tariff policy part and transaction rules part. We analyze each part development situation, advantage aspects, and problems in nowadays. Based on this analysis and case study, we try to find more effective development strategies for Cross Border E-commerce of China in the worldwide competition. Therefore, five kinds of strategies which most of them from the government perspectives we have found in the following parts. For the government, we advise them to create favorable environment for Cross-Border E-Commerce, to vigorously promote the development of electronic payment industry, to optimize logistics and distribution services of electronic commerce, to make the e-commerce credit service system perfectly and to improve the information infrastructure and security system.

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