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Tzu Shan Tseng

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The internet has been enhanced the roads of global commercials. Companies use the internet platforms to sell their products and make the profits for the companies. Cross Border E-Commerce is an important opportunity in this time point but it will be challenged at the same time. This application will use multiple research methodologies: Field observations method on the cross border e-commerce platforms - Alibaba, Amazon, Aliexpress, Lazada and eBay for one year; Focus group methos and then in-depth Interview method for studying and providing the suggestions about the critical factors to have Cross Border E-Commerce Startup. Luckily, the study got the results and applications: Firstly, about the products requiring, the StarUp must require or produce the products with uniqueness. Secondly, for expanding the international markets for surviving, the StarUp must enter cross border e-Commerce internet world. Thirdly, for reducing the cost, the StarUp must use cross border e-Commerce to reach the global customers in different countries. Fourthly, the oversea warehouses will be one trend of cross-border e-Commerce. Fifthly, it is very important for StarUp to learn and get professionals on, for example, the optimization of Keywords of their products and the analyzing the Big Data for marketing and selling. Finally, the StarUp must group and train their own professional cross border e-Commerce team.

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