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Ku-Hsien Hsieh

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Work in Progress


Fintech (financial technology) is a term that broadly described the innovation of financial product and service using IT technology. Fintech uses a lot of new business model such as FXP2P and supply chain finance, and new technology such as blockchain and cryptocurrency. According to World Economic Forum report, fintech bring disruptive innovations that are reshaping the way financial services. Also, in World Economic Forum report have structured research framework against six (6) function of financial services and eleven (11) clusters of innovation. CrunchBase is a web 2.0 wiki-liked database for startup company that includes the information for founders, key team members, basic financial information, and venture capital funding and important events. This paper uses Python to web scrape CrunchBase website for studying the progress of Fintech industry and find out the development of IT technology and innovation. The objectives of this paper are to study the CrunchBase database to compare with World Economic Forum report research framework and find out the actual progress of Fintech industry.