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Li Shi

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With rapid development of Internet, ICT-drive forces for stimulating productivity and economic growth are becoming hot issues nowadays. Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi’an and Kuming are representatives of advanced productivity in Southwest China. Digitalization of economic system in these cities has raised a topic of great importance regarding transforming capabilities on Internet. To accelerate transforming and to foster sustainable growth, the research moves beyond ICT adoption to explore internal factors to speed up transforming in economic systems of the four cities. Evaluation Framework of Transforming Capabilities (EFTC) and Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Model (FCEM) are proposed, and empirical data of the observing cities’ during 2010-2015 has been collected. We further our research to the extent of internal regional economic system, and try to identify common factors in transforming based on industrial theory. Our research yields four findings. 1) Transforming capabilities range slightly in growth poles in South-west China; 2) New growth poles are shaping when economic society transforming on Internet; 3) Regions will face increasing pressure to develop on Internet;4) Internal industrial structure has dominant impact on transforming capabilities. Finally, we offer recommendations regarding accelerating economic system transforming on Internet.