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The online agricultural products purchase has become a trend of consuming, but it is influenced by many factors. Based on the UTAUT (unified theory of acceptance and use of technology) model, some of the factors which include performance expectancy, effort expectancy, social influence, perceived risk, facilitating conditions, consumer innovativeness and purchase intention are chosen to build a research framework, and several hypotheses are proposed. Finally, a survey is conducted by questionnaires, and 264 valid samples are obtained. The research model is verified by using AMOS, and a modified model is built. Meanwhile, group testing is carried out to verify the correctness of each sub hypothesis. The empirical results show as follows: effort expectancy has a significantly positive effect on consumers' online agricultural product purchase intension. Performance expectancy, facilitating conditions and purchase intention have a significantly positive effect on consumers' online agricultural products purchase behavior. The effect of social influence and perceived risk on the consumers’ online agricultural product purchase intension is not significant. Some suggestions are put forward for the agricultural product online stores to meet the needs of the consumers and to improve the online agricultural products trade according to the empirical results.