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Kanliang Wang, Renmin University of China, China,

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With the development of the Mobile Internet, many E-commerce sites are using mobile applications to promote marketing and to acquire new customers, mobile marketing activities has become one of the best ways to expand market share. Therefore, it’s very concerned to study how to acquire new customers effectively in the early stage of entering the market. Gongtianxia’s WeChat public platform is committed to attract new customers through Mobile Internet. Gongtianxia adopted two kinds of Dutch auctions, ‘7-day auction’ and ‘15-minute auction’ respectively, which can effectively acquire new customers. This study collected more than 80000 of records, 738 pieces of auction data from June 2015 to December 2015 in Gongtianxia’s Dutch auctions, by collecting, sorting and analyzing the auction data, and established a BPNN simulation and prediction model. The prediction model for each auction data can be used to predict the customer number, cost and blowout price in advance of the auction. This study can improve customer-attracting effect of mobile application and make a theoretical complement for Dutch auction as Mobile Internet sale, and enriches the research for acquiring new customers through Mobile Internet.