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At present, people pay more and more attention on the usability of tourism websites. The websites with poor usability can not bring good experiences for the users. For good scenic spots, good experiences can bring the positive propaganda and poor website experience can made the tourists abandon the trip their destination trip. The paper made the comparison and exploratory research for the web portals of tourist attraction in Hainan. By using the evaluation methodology of correction and elicitation, the writer made sure the index to the websites made by users. The paper analyzed the questionnaires based on 5 categories and 30 indexes, discussed present construction status of tourism website for the scenic spots in Hainan province, searched the relation between the star level and usability for the tourist spots, researched the influences to the trip of travelers caused by website usability and found out the insufficient of trip website construction in the scenic spots of Hainan province to improve the management level for the tourist destination and tourist spot, provide theoretical basis for the plan of trip promotion and improve the quality of traveling experience for travelers. In the paper, the research meanings are as follows: 1. The paper used the method of correction and enlightenment and took the feeling of tourists (who browsed the website) into consideration. By using 5 categories and 31 usability indexes of tourism website, the writer made the modeling and assessment for the tourism websites of scenic spots in Hainan. From five aspects, such as language, page structure and design, information structure, user interface and navigation mark and the whole part, the writer made omni bearing and deep assessment for the tourism websites of scenic spots in Hainan. He knew fully the deficiencies and provided the suggestions and opinions for the construction of tourism website in Hainan. 2. The aim of the paper is researching the relation among star level and usability and so on for Hainan scenic spots and finding the deficiencies for the tourism website usability of Hainan scenic spots to put forward relative improvement measures and helped servers who provided the tourism information to improve the tourism service and provide more convenient, timely and efficient tourism information. It aims to improve the management level for travel destination and scenic spots and provide theoretical basis for the plan of trip promotion. 3. Finding out the influences to scenic spot expectation of tourists made by websites of tourist attraction to understand well the influences to scenic spot propaganda made by the website of tourist attraction.