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Task-technology fit (TTF) suggests that what drives technology utilizations is individuals’ subjective evaluations of fit. The technology aspect that gives rise to task-technology fit has received extensive attention, and researchers recently called for more attention to the task aspect. In this paper, we examine how culture may affect the task aspect of TTF, consequently leading to differences in subjective evaluations of fit and ultimately technology utilizations. Moreover, we distinguish the two mechanisms via which culture may affect the task aspect of task-technology fit, i.e., task perception and task response. Focusing on the task of delivering bad news, we examine cultural differences (China vs. Non-China) in the perception of and responses to (in terms of media feature preferences) the task of delivering bad news. Data was collected using surveys from clients of a multinational public relations company. Results show that there was no difference in task perception for delivering bad news between Chinese and Non-Chinese participants, marginally supported difference in the preferences for rehearsability, and no difference in the preference for symbol sets.