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Internet of Things can expedite information-sharing between supply chain partners. However, efficient operations within the supply chain may undermine partners’ psychological ownership of shared data. The behavior driven by the feel of ownership may be constrained by social, technical, and environmental factors. This study investigates whether ownership of data may affect willingness to share from the perspective of a socio-technical system. We look into (1) whether the efficiency and adaptability of a supply chain is affected by the possession of data when organizations share IoT data, and (2) whether social and technical systems impact psychological ownership. 302 questionnaires from senior managers of manufactures were collected for analysis. The results show that psychological ownership is positively associated with the efficiency and adaptability of a supply chain and that both social and technical factors enforce it. We also find that social preference can improve the association between a social system and psychological ownership but that technical preference decreases the association between technical system and psychological ownership.