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Big Data, as moving into the post-cloud era in year 2015, is changing the way software is applied by industries. Meanwhile, the Open Data is transforming the sources of value for software development in which comprehensive digital data value creation is set to be the mainstream in IT application strategies. Big Data applications can enhance the knowledge level of technology applications as well as drive value growth for products and services. The key issue affecting Big Data development is the question of how to leverage mechanisms for joint creation by the general public to identify the value that Big Data can provide. This paper proposes that an effective Big Data industry ecosystem should encompass data owners, application innovators, technology leaders, and open API platforms. Using the methods of design science, the paper evaluates the way in which Big Data creates value in the industrial development process, and argues that it is important to attract mass participation and to satisfy the needs of both industrial and social development when putting forward a value proposition. Moving further, the next step is value creation initiatives, in which the first priority should be to promote the digitalization of industry seeking to create digitalized industries that can contribute to the gradual optimization of the industrial ecosystem as a whole.